Bulgaria In Spring - The Best Of The Balkans

Not been in this part of Europe yet? Join us and you will be able to add a whole lot of impressive species to your list.

Birdwatching for real birders.

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Autumn Migration Birding Along The Via Pontica Flyway

Via Pontica is the second biggest flyway in Europe, passing along the Western Black Sea coast. Millions of birds and countless flocks of soaring migrants use this route between their breeding grounds and their wintering quarters – an impressive performance...

Thousands of soaring migrants

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Winter Birdwatching Tour – Red-breasted Geese & More…

As pearls on a necklace, the wetlands in Eastern Bulgaria trace the coastal regions of the country, forming a network of hyperhaline shallow lagoons, large lakes and dam-lakes, river mouths and flooded meadows. These are the best places for birdwatching in winter...

Numerous flocks of Red-breasted Geese

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"Wallcreeper” Short Birding Break

The Wallcreeper has always been a dream-bird for many birdwatchers. The program as specified below gives more than just perfect chances to spot it as we will take you to their breeding grounds in probably the most famous place in Europe for watching Wallcreepers...

Easy to spot here

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Daily Birdwatching Tours From Sofia

No matter if you are on a business trip in Sofia or just looking for a relaxed birdwatching outside of the city we would be glad to organize a good birding time-out for you.

Obbey your passion while on bussiness trip

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Quality birding and nature tours in Bulgaria
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