Best Pleasure Toys for Women, According to Experts in 2023

It uses air to stimulate rather than just vibrations, and it has adjustable intensities that range from super mild to the polar opposite. Plus, it’s rechargeable, and it’s water-resistant so you can bring it into the bath. Instead of sonic vibrations, the Fun Factory Stronic Real Pulsator gets you off with the help of its thrusting motor that feels like penetrative sex. It’s also worth noting that its phallic head shape not only adds to the aesthetic but also stimulates your G-spot.

The Hugo prostate massager is one of Lelo’s best-selling men’s sex toys. “The Hugo is the perfect size to pack a punch with its amazing vibration capabilities.” It also has a convenient remote control that makes it easy for you or your partner to adjust its settings. Smile Makers’ The Artist is one of the best rabbit vibrators that you’ll ever have the pleasure of using.

This unique wand vibrator will never die just as you’re getting to the good part. It’s corded, so as long as it’s plugged into an outlet, it’ll keep buzzing for as long as you need it to. While most vibrators use buttons to switch between predetermined intensities, this unique vibrator uses a rolling control dial that lets you, well, dial in the setting that works best for you. You can use it on the clit, on nipples, on penis heads, or practically anywhere else within reach of the lengthy cord. Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get right down to the best, high-quality sex toys for women to shop right now.

Some vibrate, some have rigid or flexible bodies, and some even have furry tails. They’re “designed for safe anal penetration and can be left in the butt, freeing your hands to do other pleasurable things,” Dr. Queen says. Unlike other wands, the VIM is lightweight and the vibrations don’t reach the handle, making it easier to use. The buttons are easy to see and use, and switching between the three vibration patterns is straightforward.

Despite its size, its three motors stimulate the perineum, anal opening, and deeper inside spots, and it’s controllable via an external wireless remote. Those with G spots should cuddle up to OhMiBod’s Lovelife Cuddle G-Spot Massager. This G-spot vibrator is sleek and slightly more slender than other options, making it a great pick for sex-toy newbies, and its penis-like tip has an, er, familiarfeel that’ll get you off. It also comes with seven pre-set vibration patterns that you can easily intensify or lower with its foolproof control buttons. For those days when you want to jump straight to the big O, a bullet vibrator is clutch.

Whisper-Quiet: Lovehoney Silencer Whisper Quiet Classic Vibrator

Its rumbly vibrations are super powerful, so get prepared to be blown away by this jackhammer of a vibrator. Let us introduce you to the “orgasm gap,” the fact that straight men reportedly climax during sex much more frequently and consistently than straight women. This is mainly Pleasure toys for women because most women’s main pleasure source, the clitoris, is often overlooked during heterosexual penis-in-vagina sex. But get this, men, sex is so much more fun and interesting than putting tab A into slot B, especially once you get some fun-loving tools into the mix.

For All Your Erogenous Zones: Maude Vibe

You can look at these handy finger vibrators as an easy way to level up your standard manual masturbation session. “Finger vibrators are an amazing addition to solo sex because they allow you to use your hand as you normally would…while also providing vibration,” Searah Deysach, sex educator and owner of Early to Bed, told SELF. They come in a variety of intensities and styles , and, like your own two hands, can go anywhere.

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